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Plates Bodypump!

According to Les Mills International via a document. The document was publicly available and is no longer available.

Weight Selection for tracks 3 - 5 and 8.

Some people are born with big hands, I am fortunate in that regard some have small hands you need to select the weight according to your ability to hold the weight. If you choose a weight that is in appropriate then your form and execution of the movement is incorrect and should not use that weight for Bodypump. If you are capable of holding the weight in a controlled and safe manner and can use a 2 1/2 or 5 kgs for shoulders then you can safely select that weight.

In saying that Les Mills states in the article I have:

"With all free weight exercises the size of the weights should be selected according to the available span of the hands (Les Mills international)" In saying that If you have large hands and can safely hold up to 5 kgs each side with your thumb positioned in the center part of the weights then you have selected the right weight selection. If you need some help ask your Bodypump Instructor before class to help you select the right weight for tracks that need a plate.

In addition, you need to be able to place the thumb safely inside the hole and allow the rest of the hand to grip around the rest of the plate. If you can't then you have selected the wrong weight selections for Bodypump and need to use the correct one.

In addition, incorrect weight selection could lead to Tunnel Carpal Syndrome and improper execution of the exercise. Wrist positioning in any weight training class is important. Les Mills goes onto state that "Plates that are too large will require the wrists to flex in an attempt to hold the weight (Les Mills International.)" If you hold the weights incorrectly there could be issues with the technical execution of any of the exercises presented and should be avoided at all costs.

Then there is the finish and completion of the exercise. Les Mills goes onto say that "Once the plate is secure there wrists should be in slight extension throughout the exercise (Les Mills International.)" If you hold the plates incorrect then you may have other issues like incorrect execution ROM in the start and end phase of the exercise. It is important to locate the right plate and the right size for you to do any exercise.

If you use the wrong weights then there could be issues with your wrists.



Wrist Mechanics Bodypump Report (By Les Mills International.)

Used for Educational Purposes.

Wth permission from Les Mills International.
Under the Copyright Act of 1968 and Amended acts.


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